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Airbus A320 Research Simluator

The A320 simulator at the chair of Air Transport Technology and Logistics is a complete replica of an A320 flight deck. The hardware set up is a combination of ecaFAROS, Flightdeck Solutions (FDS) components and real A320 hardware and includes all control, input and output devices. The FAA-certified software from Laminar Research (X-Plane, verison 10) is used for the simulation environment and extended by a highly detailed model of the Airbus A320, including avionics systems, flight management and guidance system (FMGCS) as well as hydraulic and electric bus systems. The model has been made available to the Chair by QualityPark Aviation Center GmbH (QPAC) as part of a cooperation agreement including the model source code, providing the chair with the opportunity to make any desired adjustments to a specific aircraft systems in the context of research and development. Thus, the system is in a constant evolution. The simulator is designed as a fixed-based flight training device (FTD) and serves as a highly potential resource for the research in the field of Trajectory Management, Airport Management and Safety Assessment carried out by the chair and furthermore suitable for courses, trainings and demonstrations.



2005 to 2011

    • Flight and Navigation Procedures Trainer by ecaFaros
    • Simulation of Airbus A320 flight management system
    • Main application: student training in the courses flight operations and navigation

2011 to 2014

    • First extension of the simulator towards a flight training device (FTD)
    • ecaFaros software used as a showcase for tutorials and guides
    • For research purposes the simulation software X-Plane 9 and 10 with the A320 model and specific adaptations for the A320 hardware is used

2014 to today

    • Complete transition to X-Plane 10
    • Integration of customizable Electronic Instrument System (EIS)
    • Integration of new input devices (i.e. sidestick, rudder) and switches
    • 225 degree curved screen visualization system


    • Further cooperation with QPAC: development and modeling of individual aircraft systems (flight management, procedures, etc.)
    • CPDLC Integration and interaction with Surface Management and Guidance System
    • Traffic generation by cross-linking with existing air traffic simulations


    • Replica of the A320 flight deck
    • Flight Management System (FMS), autopilot, flight director and auto-throttle
    • Fly-by-wire control concept (C *-Law)
    • Simulation of individual aircraft systems according to ATA Chapters (electronics, hydraulics, fuel, etc.)
    • Customizable Elecontroic Instrument System (Primary Flight Display (PFD), Navigation Display (ND), Engine Control and Warning Display (ECAM) and an Electronic Flight Bag)
    • Visual system
    • Connection to ATC simulations, e.g. Arrival Manager (AMAN), see SESAR WP-E research project UTOPIA


    • Integration in the research fields Trajectory Management as well as Safety Assessment through HIL experiments with airline pilots
    • Platform for system integration for aviation industry and research institutions
    • Training, seminars and guided tours
    • Involved in the courses cockpit technologies and navigation


For those interested in simulator technologies, there is the opportunity to visit the A320 simulator in one of the following public and regularly recurring events:

Demonstrations and tours are available free of charge for scholar or student groups. Please address your requests for trainings, seminars or demonstrations to our responsible staff member.

Seminars / Industry & Research

Additionally, the simulator is available for staff training, integration tests and other research objectives. Please contact our responsible staff member for more information.


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